Cosmic Badger

Cosmic Badger is a mobile platform game following the quest of a heroic badger to save his planet using the majestic art of teleportation. A meteor is going to collide with the Badger Kingdom and must be destroyed before it's too late.

Cosmic Badger has travelled across the galaxy to track down the celestial bomb, and now he must navigate his way back home in order to destroy the meteor. Help our hero traverse dangerous worlds and avoid blowing up by teleporting past obstacles and terrain. The fate of the Badger Kingdom is in your hands!

21 levels of increasing difficulty
The further you progress the more you need lightning fast reflexes and the composure of a Zen master to map out the safest route to the end.
Unique and intuitive one-swipe game mechanic
Draw the path you want to take using swipe gestures. Swiping on the screen summons two portals, an entrance portal where the swipe starts and an exit portal where the swipe ends.
Collect coins and prove your gaming prowess
Choose to look for the safest path possible or appeal to your inner completionist and risk everything to grab all those impossibly placed coins.
7 uniquely themed stages
Travel across grassy windmill-lined pastures, snowy mountain-sides, industrial wastelands, inside a black and white video, through a children's playroom, across Oriental vistas, and among the majestic Badger Kingdom.
Challenging and addictive gameplay
Watch your anxiety grow as you come closer to completing each level. Only the most hardcore will make it to the end.
Cosmic Badger is available May 28th on iOS and Android